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At the end of the day your business is only as strong as your customer base. With the revolution of mobile devices and social media, the internet based customers are growing their numbers rapidly. Your business can keep up if it adapts to cater to them.


Mobile App Development

Let Shadeaux Media customize a solution for your business’ needs. We work with a wide variety of technologies that allow us to build solutions that cater to a variety of industries and their needs.

Always Up to Date

We are always up to date on current technologies and the most recent versions of mobile software. We stay current and provide updates as needed. This keeps us and you competitive.

Sub-Contracting Available

If you are a developer and in need of additional support. We provide sub-contract support for your current projects. We are proficient in: Unity 3D, Python, C++, C#, Ruby, Java, and Objective C, AR and VR development and more.


Your users can see your content across a full variety of platforms.


Today’s business landscape is shaped and developed by social media, and your customers word of mouth. To be able to reach as many people as possible your content needs to be able to adapt to a wide variety of technology platforms like PC, smartphones, and tablets. When this is achieved it is called an intuitive or complete user experience. Let us show you how we can make this happen!


“Businesses rise and fall everyday. Those that adapt and grow will live to revolutionize their world. LOOK FORWARD TO THE REVOLUTION”
— Jace Yeomans, co-founder Shadeaux Media